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Top Spice is an exceptionally attractive restaurant. Subdued lights filtered through modern parchment sconces shaped like kites, displays of spices in tall glass canisters, exotic masonry, pleasant banquettes, water features with fancy flowers, and more create a consistent environment.....

By and large, the dishes are well cooked and assertively seasoned. The shrimp cakes are tender and vibrant to the taste. The nam sod reminds one of the beauty and clean mouth feel of good Thai cooking. ....

Knife & Fork - The Insider's Guide to
Atlanta Restaurants
(Volume 19, Number 11)

Top Spice offers a menu loaded with spices from both Thai and Malaysian cusine. The ambiance is another plus. A real Mood lightning, warm clay and copper tones and table filled with an array of spices and dried beans sealed underneath the glass give this place a real classy feel. Making it well worth a visit.

Catfish Basil and Duck Curry are excellent and chicken Panang is a winner with creamy coconut and curry flavors. Other best bites include the filet mignon slow cooked with a paste of ground onion, chili and lemongrass and simmered in a coconut curry gravy.

Newcomer Magazine - Asian Fare with a Flair
(February/March 2004)

About Us

Welcome to Top Spice! We are pleased to bring to you our newest location in Midtown, across Ansley Mall. We offer authentic Thai and Malaysian “family-style cooking”, and dining in a contemporary and relaxing setting.

Our cuisine showcases the abundance of aromatic and flavorful spices of Southeast Asia. We blend spices in our cooking, employing pungent roots like galangal, turmeric and ginger; aromatic leaves like lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves, together with other ingredients like coconut, palm sugar and chilies.

We hope that our bold preparation of herbs and spices with market-fresh ingredients will deliver a memorable culinary experience to our customers.


Come try our seasonal fruit smoothies and exotic martinis.

You can now order "party trays" for your office gatherings and celebrations, delivered right to your door steps.

Top Spice was voted top 5 for the “Best Thai” restaurant by the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Thank you to all who voted for us!

We are excited to bring you "martinis, made with care" and a full bar service. A fine selection of wines, beers, scotches, cocktails, and local and imported beers are available. Click on the link to see our selections for wine and martinis.

1529-F Piedmont Avenue Atlanta, GA 30324,   Phone: 404-685-9333,   Fax: 404-685-9339